What to do with a tired old garden

Once upon a time, a young family moved into an attractive surburban house in a classic market town in middle England. It had lots going for it on the inside, but the garden was tired, overgrown and had seen better days.

Here’s how it was back in 2017:

Early photo of garden not long after we moved in
Early photo of garden not long after we moved in.

It had plenty going on, including a dirty old pond, rotten decking on three levels, a pergoda with broken light system, a delapidated wall, wobbly steps and trellis going all round the perimeter covered in ivy and hiding very old fences. You can see from the photo above that I didn’t waste anytime demolishing various aspects of the messy plot. The pond was filled in within the first week and part of the decking already removed.

The demolition began in earnest.
The demolition began in earnest.

The next job was to start getting rid of the ivy which had formed a very close bond with everything it could find, wrapping itself round fence posts, plants, trees, and itself more than a few times. It took me a whole day just to remove three fence panels worth!

My plan was to make it into a modern style garden, with straight lines, raised beds and striking steps.

I started by knocking down a wall with a small hammer, which was replaced by a sledge hammer when I realised how tough the wall was!

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